Gift Cardiy is Do It Yourself gift card! The most personal gift ever, since you are the gift for your loved ones. Looks like classic gift card.


They' re fun and beautifuly designed gifts, ready to be given as a present or just as a "thank you" greeting card with a value.


Perfect gift for everyone who has everything or just to keep them around for that one time you forget a birthday. Also great recession time gift :)

Grab them!

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Every Gift Cardiy comes in a nice gift box.


  • hot
  • hot-back

Hot night

Grrrr… hot night indeed! Make your lover crazy with your indecent proposal. Hot night card and a bit of imagination will turn you two into a roller coaster of pleasure.

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  • baby
  • baby-back

Baby sitting

Imagine yourself not going out for a long time. Surprise your friend, sister, … with a night off. Take care for their little ones, while they’re having fun.

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  • cooking
  • cooking-back

Cooking card

What about some dinner? Hey, even if you don’t have Michelin star, you can improvise and prepare something delicious. Just put your hart in to it. Just not literary, please!

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  • Geek Gift Cardiy
  • Geek Gift Cardiy

Super Geek

If you are geek or just computer and tech-gadget savy, this Gift Cardiy is a perfect gift you can give to your parents, uncles, friends

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  • car
  • car-back

Car wash

Guys loves shiny cars, so why not make your father, brother or uncle Jim happy. Surprise them with Car Wash gift card and take their car for pimp treatment.

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  • massage
  • massage-back


Massage always works! Perfect gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Massage worm up can eventually turn in to a romantic night.

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What’s this all about!

Providing a service as a gift is not entirely a new thing, but doing it with style is. Our gift cards are DO IT YOURSELF gift cards, as the the last tree letters of the name suggests. That makes them more personal and exciting.

All Gift Cardiy’s are beautifully designed and all you need to do is to give it and provide a lovely service like a car wash, massage, baby sitting, … for your loved ones.

Gift Cardiy’s are perfect for these times of recession or when you just want to give something personal to someone who already has everything or just to keep them around for that one time you forget a birthday.

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All curent 6 designs are avaliable at our online store. We ship Worldwide for a flat shipping price of  3,00 €. Free shipping is avaliable when purchasing 6 Gift Cardiys.

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